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Classes and events listed in our Adult Faith Development programming are geared toward folks ages 16 to 110.
All are welcome to join us.

Current Offerings!

UUCB Banned Book Club Update
“Books Unite Us. Censorship Divides Us”

On January 18, the Banned Book Club began discussing Alex Gino’s YA novel Melissa (Previously published as George) by Alex Gino.  We’ll be following this with the YA books: George M. Johnson’s All Boys Aren’t Blue and Angie Thomas’ The Hate You Give.  Art Spiegelman’s Maus will close things out the spring.

All are welcome and you can join us at any time. We meet the first and third Wednesday of each month, from 7:00 – 8:30 in the Marge Gardiner Room. For more information, contact  Mary Lou Hill and Sharon Walker at or Jess Pond at

A Most Excellent History of Awards
Michael Harris, instructor

Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo, 695 Elmwood Avenue; Buffalo, NY 14222
14 meetings; Wednesdays, 9:30-11:30 a.m., January 11 to April 12, 2023
Cost:  $75 for full course, or $10 per session

The course will start remotely using the Zoom platform, with the option to move to in-person meet-ings at UUCB.  To register, send your check (made payable to UUCB) to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo; 695 Elmwood Ave.; Buffalo, NY 14222.  [Put ‘Glittering Prizes’ on the memo line of the check.]  For information, call 716-885-2136, or email us at


             We all love awards – giving them, receiving them, and watching other people get them.  It’s built into our genetic code to acknowledge the best of human achievement.  This course will cover the most renowned of these highly sought-after prizes and citations:  from knighthoods to Nobels, from Pulitzers to Peabodys, from Olympics to Oscars, from Miss America to MacArthur ‘Genius Grants’ – how they got started, how they’ve chosen their honorees, and how these judgments have stood up over time.  As for saluting those who were rightfully commended, or questioning those who were dubiously awarded, you’ll be the judge on that score!


Session One (January 11):  Going for the Gold – The Olympics Then & Now
Session Two (January 18):  For All the Saints – Roman Catholicism and Canonization
Session Three (January 25):  The ‘Noble’ Prize – Knighthood, Dames and Other Civic Honors
Session Four (February 1):  All Roads Lead to Rome – The Prix de Rome
Session Five (February 8):  Accolades from Stockholm – The Nobel Prize
Session Six (February 15):  Joseph Pulitzer’s Journalistic Legacy – The Pulitzer Prize
Session Seven (February 22):  Representing the American Woman – Miss America
Session Eight (March 1):  Thanks for the Use of the Hall – Halls, Walls and Walks of Fame
Session Nine (March 8): “I’d Like to Thank the Academy” – A History of the ‘Oscars’
Session Ten (March 15):  Broadway’s Big Industrial Show – The ‘Tonys’
Session Eleven (March 22):  You’re the Man! — TIME magazine’s “Person of the Year”
Session Twelve (March 29):  Betting on Genius – The Rhodes Scholarship and the MacArthur Fellowship
Session Thirteen (April 5):  Rewarding the Word – Literary Prizes
Session Fourteen (April 12):  Whither Awards?  The End of Awards?   

INTRODUCTION TO SUFISM: Harvard and UB professor of Islamic studies, Yunus Kumek, will be offering an eight-session introductory course on Sufism. Sufism is generally referred as Islamic mysticism or Muslim spiritual teachings in popular Western discourses. In this course, we will examine the practical aspects of Sufism in our everyday life, especially focusing on meditative, philosophical, and psychological practices that have relevance and meaning in personal spiritual journeys. The class will take place on Sundays in the Marge Gardner room. The registration fee is $35. Please register by emailing Jess at Registration not required

Folk Dancing – will restart in 2023!
Folk dancing is a fun experience for all ages. Simple dances are taught or reviewed each week. We do walking dances from 9:30-10:15, regular folk dances from 10:15-11 and more complicated dances from 11-11:30. We laugh a lot and get exercise while learning a bit about the world’s cultures. No experience or skill is needed! All are welcome!  Martha Malkiewicz has taught folk dancing for 6 years at the UU Church. Contact Martha at  to confirm schedule.
Mondays, 9:30 am, Parish Hall, $2.00 per class. Pay at the door.
Registration not required