The overall purpose of the Endowment Advisory Committee is to take responsibility for advising the Board of Trustees concerning the long-term stewardship of the Church’s endowment fund. This work includes:

  • developing and managing a Legacy Giving program so that the Church’s endowment funds grow steadily in value
  • maintaining a list of donors and advising the Board of major gifts
  • recommending criteria for the long-term management of the Church’s endowment funds
  • assuming responsibility for fulfilling endowment-related mandates described throughout this policy book
  • recommending endowment-related policies to the Board for its consideration


Andrea Burke-Harris, Chairperson

Paul Zanolli, Treasurer

Jane Armbruster

Don Behr

Gerry Evans

Thea Hassan – ex-officio member


Meetings are held on the second Wednesday of the month at 7:00 on Zoom.