Pulpit Preview

August 7: Coming of Age. Martha Malkiewicz

Our faith requires a willingness to examine tough topics and to challenge our self-created beliefs when needed. What do we teach our children that can help us maneuver through tough times? This morning’s service draws from the Coming of Age curriculum we teach our 12 and 13 year-olds.

August 14: Make-It-Better with Make-Believe, Rev. Craig Schwalenberg

Ever play Let’s Pretend? Ever visit the Kingdom of Make-Believe? Maybe when we were kids; but, we’re too old for that now… aren’t we? I certainly hope not. Grab your chalk, hop on the trolley, board the magic school bus— A better world and better lives are waiting for us.

August 21: Knowing When It’s Your Time To Act, Christine Slocum

We are called to advance justice, equity, and compassion in human relationships. With so much opportunity in our society for advancing justice, how do you know what is yours to do?

August 28: You’ve got a New Name, Rev. Joan Montagnes

A story in four parts on the pain and reward of personal transformation. Music of questing, sacrifice, wonder, and deeper clarity.

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