The overall purpose of the Stewardship Task Force is to report directly to the Board on matters of fundraising and member engagement. The Task Force should have year-long responsibility for these subjects beyond the months when it is managing the Annual Campaign for the Operating Budget. This work includes:

  • overseeing fundraising for the church through pledges of support as well as other fundraising activities (e.g., auction, sales)
  • informing the board on a monthly basis concerning its activities and progress toward its goals during its management of the Annual Budget Campaign
  • reporting to the board throughout the year to recommend strategies for achieving fundraising and member engagement goals
  • encouraging generosity through use of the UUA Fair Giving Guide and other best practices
  • developing fundraising skills by drawing on the resources of the UUA and the Central Eastern Regional district
  • communicating effectively to the Board and Congregation throughout the year about the meaning and importance of stewardship
  • assisting in the larger goal of increasing membership engagement and commitment, to each other and to the church


Martha Malkiewicz, Chairperson

Bill Parke

Steve Wixson

Alisse Sikes


As needed.