The overall purpose of the Oversight Advisory Committee is to develop, implement, and regularly review accountability systems for use by the Board of Trustees. These systems will be used by the Board to evaluate its own performance, including the performance of its Advisory Committees and Task Forces. The Oversight Advisory Committee will make recommendations based on its charge, as well as at the request of the Board. This work includes:

  • recommending approaches for the Board as it evaluates whether its own behavior, including that of its Advisory Committees and Task Forces, aligns with the Church’s Mission;
  • supporting the Trustees in review of their own performance (e.g., effectiveness of agendas, meeting time management, timeliness of minutes, follow-through on Board discussion and delegation to Advisory Committees and Task Forces, including decisions made in executive session);
  • suggesting possible adjustments to Board processes, as noted above;
  • developing recommended processes to clearly communicate to other Advisory Committees and Task Forces the extent of delegated authority and responsibility of each; and,
  • conducting regular and periodic reviews of each Advisory Committee and Task Force, and forwarding the reports to the Board with recommendations about areas of concern which it may wish to consider. If action is warranted, the Board will communicate its decisions to the Advisory Committee or Task Force under review through its Chairperson


Mary Bisson, Chairperson

Mary Lou Hill, Secretary
Donna Hagerty


Meet monthly via Zoom, second Tuesday