The overall purpose of the Finance Advisory Committee is to provide to the Board an ongoing review of the financial affairs of the Church so that the Trustees can maintain its financial stability. This work includes:

  • analyzing monthly financial reports prepared by staff and making routine budget adjustments affecting income or expenses in the Congregationally-approved budget as long as the amount of any approved operating deficit is not exceeded
  • reporting to the Board on a regular basis concerning the performance of the Church’s endowment funds
    recommending to the Board the creation of any new budget lines that become necessary during an operating year
  • working with other Board Advisory Committees and the professional staff to prepare a draft budget for consideration by the Board in August of each year
  • recommending to the Board, after consultation with the Endowment Committee, the amount of the annual draw from the unrestricted endowment funds to support the implementation of the mission of the Church
  • presenting the Board’s recommended budget to the Congregation at the Fall Congregational Meeting and the annual statement of financial affairs to the Congregation following the end of the church’s fiscal year
  • responding to requests by the Board for recommendations concerning financial matters that affect the Church’s programming and operations
  • assuming responsibility for fulfilling finance-related mandates described throughout the policy book, and, recommending finance-related policies to the Board for its consideration


John Petrocelli, Chairperson

Justin DeCleene

John Yates
Paul Zanolli, Secretary

Cathy Harrington, Minister

Donna Sentz, Finance Administrator


Meetings are held on the second Thursday of the month at 4:00 pm on Zoom.