The Path to Membership …

Get to know the church. Participation in worship services and other activities helps you decide whether this is the right church community for you.
Attend the new-member class. Offered several times a year, you will learn about the history and core commitments of Unitarian Universalism, get a “backstage” tour of the church building, find out about the responsibilities and privileges of membership, and have the opportunity to join at that time or later.
Become involved in any one or more of the hundreds of ways you can be active here. You may attend not only Sunday services but also social events; you may take an adult Religious Education class, join an ongoing activity like the choir or a Covenant Group; you could volunteer to teach in the child/youth Religious Education program; you could help out on some special project like the church auction, the website, Family Promise or anything else that interests you. There are many avenues and they are continually evolving!

Pledging. Every year, members are called to contribute to the support of the church by making a financial pledge. This process allows church leaders to prepare a budget, approved by the congregation, to fund the activities and programs of the church for the next fiscal year. The pledges are taken during our Giving Campaign in the fall. Visit Support Our Mission to see all the different options for making your pledge, as well as paying it. We also encourage use of the UUA Fair Share Giving Guide, which provides suggested giving levels to reflect your commitment and ability to do your fair share in supporting the church. It is understood that financial situations sometimes change. If you need to revise your commitment at any point, please contact the minister or the office.

Always feel free to communicate with us at any time about your connection with the church. We value each of our Members and Friends, and we strive to find more effective ways to communicate and keep you connected to this wonderful community of liberal faith.