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Weddings at the Unitarian Universalist church can be celebrated any way you desire. Whether you wish to celebrate in our beautiful 400-seat English Country Gothic church or prefer one of our ministers preside at the location of your choice, we are happy to accommodate. We welcome all backgrounds and faiths to our church. We are also happy to host your wedding here if you prefer an outside officiant.

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Other amenities

If you plan to use a unity candle in your wedding, you must provide your own candles. Two tapered candles and a base set of holders for all three candles. All candles must be dripless and smoke-free. Click here for candle options. Click here for base options.

The church can provide a soloist for your wedding for an additional fee. Other musicians may be used in addition to, or instead of the church’s organist/pianist.

You may bring outside musicians to the church for your wedding, but the use of the church’s instruments requires written permission from the church. Use of the organ or piano must be arranged in advance.

Our church building is wheelchair accessible.

The small parking lot adjacent to the church on Elmwood is for staff only during working hours. There is free parking available on West Ferry and metered parking on Elmwood. 

Some final important details ...

Florist deliveries are accepted no earlier than 90 minutes before the wedding.

Decorations may be fastened only with ribbon, string, or rubber-bands. Nails, tacks, tape, wire, etc. are strictly prohibited. You may use a runner. It must be 65 to 75 feet long, and usually is delivered with the flowers. Dyed flower petals may be scattered only if a florist runner is being used.

The church prohibits use of rice, birdseed, or confetti. If you wish to bless or celebrate the newlyweds, please use bubbles, noisemakers, or ribbons. If you wish to use some other way to celebrate the newlyweds, please obtain permission from the church first.

Alcohol or drugs are prohibited on church property, for your wedding, and alcohol or drugs shall not be consumed before the wedding. If the bride or groom is impaired by drugs or alcohol, the minister is prohibited from conducting the ceremony.


Thank you for choosing us to be part of this important day in your lives!
Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo, Phone: 716-885-2136 ext. 4 or by email: Office@buffalouu.org

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We gather in loving community, creating a shared vision of compassion and dignity for all,
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