Sustaining our Community while our Community while Creating your Legacy

Have you ever wondered what it takes to keep the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo (UUCB) in running order for today and working toward a future of justice and compassion for tomorrow?  From the care of its 300 parishioners, and the support of programs that meet the needs of infants through centenarians, to the maintenance of our magnificent grounds and 100+year old renowned Arts and Crafts building, men, women, and children who value our mission and practices have stepped forward to invest in this extraordinary community for nearly 200 years. Our indispensable staff and the dozens of our congregants who volunteer on an annual basis work hand in hand to create and nurture the culture that supports UUCB and our wider community.  Annual financial commitments we make to address our yearly operating expenses allow us to support the people, activities, and physical plant that make our experience possible.

Additionally, we are beholden to the nearly 50 now-deceased members whose commitment and foresight have carried us through a spectrum of economic cycles, providing a path forward.  It is these visionaries, whose belief in our mission and the importance of our message, have enabled us to continue year in and year out to advance our vision of a better world.

UUCB gratefully welcomes inquiries about and notifications of future gifts to our Endowment Fund for the purpose of sustaining our community and continuing our service work in perpetuity.

These gifts may come in many forms and we recommend that potential donors work with their financial advisors to assure tax efficiencies and optimal benefits to both donor and UUCB.

If you have included or are considering including UUCB in your plans, please let us know so that we can acknowledge your generosity and affirm your intentions.

For more information, contact Andrea Burke-Harris, Chair, UUCB Endowment Committeeat 716-812-6102; If you wish to complete a Declaration of Intent, it is available here: