Our Vision & Mission

​Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo

Vision Statement
Mission Statement
Strategies 2019-2022

Our Vision – What we hope to become

We will gather in loving community, creating a shared vision of compassion and dignity for all, to radically transform the world in which we live.

Our Mission – Why we exist

The Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo is a compassionate, thoughtful, and diverse religious community that nurtures and challenges itself to deeper understanding, meaning and purpose.

WE GATHER through worship, music, education, intersectional ministries, and service.
WE INSPIRE each other in love and mutual respect to further our individual and collective spiritual journey.
WE TRANSFORM through our combined talents, and in coalition with other progressive organizations, in service to anti-racist anti-oppressive movements.

Provide a safe space to support and enhance a spiritually fulfilled congregation by offering creative, powerful, and diverse worship services.
Celebrate our multi-generational congregation with learning, leadership, laughter, and love by celebrating fully as a congregation.
Demonstrate a commitment to repair and renovate our spaces to provide a safe, accessible, nurturing and sustainable physical space and grounds for our congregation and visitors.
Promote the power of community and respect for intersectional approaches to faith so that all feel welcome to be our better selves.

Use the power of our music to enrich the spiritual, communal, and individual experience of all who attend our services.
Grow our opportunities for leadership with training; inspire, attract and retain a wider range of prospective members.
Promote the visibility of our lifespan faith formation programs through youth and adult religious education exchanges.
Become known as a community hub to support the cultural richness of Western New York to attract and retain a wider range of prospective members.

Strengthen our connections to other congregations in a safe space to foster a bold change in our lives and lay the foundation for action.
Create a congregation of faith, love, and trust that shows up, supports, and encourages families and across all communities in a spiritual setting.
Use the history of our church to approach community and social justice action together as an ENTIRE congregation to focus our energy on health of our church, our community, and our world.
Provide responsive ministries to care for our own community as well as our surrounding communities in need.