Pledging to the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo is a cornerstone of our community’s collective support, ensuring the vitality of our shared mission. Each year, members are called upon to make financial pledges during our Giving Campaign in the fall, a crucial process that allows church leaders to create a budget, approved by the congregation, to fund our diverse activities and programs for the upcoming fiscal year. Your pledges play a pivotal role in sustaining our spiritual home and promoting the values we hold dear. We encourage you to explore the various options for making your pledge, and we recommend utilizing the UUA Fair Share Giving Guide for guidance on contributing at levels that reflect your commitment and ability to support the church. Recognizing that financial circumstances may change, we invite you to reach out to the office if adjustments to your commitment are needed. Your pledge is a tangible expression of your dedication to our community, and we are deeply grateful for your ongoing support.

UUA Fair Share Giving Guidelines:

Filling Out Your Pledge Form

To ensure your generous donations contribute to your yearly pledge, it’s essential to fill out a pledge card during our Giving Campaign before May. Pledging through the card allows us to accurately track and allocate your contributions, ensuring they play a crucial role in sustaining our church community and supporting our diverse activities throughout the fiscal year. Your timely completion of the pledge card is greatly appreciated and helps us plan for the continued growth and vitality of the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo.

During the Fall Stewardship Celebration, you have the option to complete a pledge card in person, or if preferred, we are happy to mail one to your address upon request. Additionally, you may conveniently submit your pledge information by filling out the form below.

Paying for your Pledge

You may pay for your pledge by: 

Paying with Cash/Check:
– You can mail a check to the church office 695 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222 (make sure you note on the memo line it is in payment of your pledge).
– You can place a check in the Sunday morning worship offering plate (make sure you note on the memo line it is in payment of your pledge).
– You can put cash in an envelope in the offering plate (make sure you write your name on the envelope and indicate it is in payment of your pledge).

You Can Pay by Automatic Bank Payments:
Many banks let you pay your bills with an online payment system. You can set-up automatic payments to the Church (like once a month) and specify the length of time (like for 12 months). This is one of the best ways to pay your pledge, since you save the Church the credit card processing fee and it won’t cost you anything either.

Or you may use our new platform, Zeffy to process your donation electronically.
Zeffy ensures that the entirety of your donation flows directly and seamlessly to the enrichment of our cherished church community, guaranteeing an unequivocal commitment to supporting our shared mission and endeavors.

Our Church’s salary and expense obligations fall throughout the year, therefore, one-time payments should be made as close to the beginning of the Church’s fiscal year as possible.