The Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo – We welcome and affirm Disabled People

We have and are in the process of making our historic church building as accessible as possible.  The Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo (UUCB) is on the corner of West Ferry and Elmwood Avenue.  The street address is 695 Elmwood, Buffalo, NY  14222.

Bus:  The 20 Elmwood Bus has a stop at the corner of West Ferry and Elmwood directly in front of our building.
Parking:  Parking is very scarce. Two accessible spaces can be found on West Ferry in front of the church.  Our church parking lot is located off of Elmwood Ave between the bank and the church.  Additional parking can be found in a small lot off of Elmwood.  This lot has several designated accessible parking spots.

The accessible entrance to the building is located through the garden entrance and will bring you into the Parish Hall.  On Sundays, greeters are available at the accessible entrance to assist you. The elevator is to the right once you enter the Parish Hall. The sanctuary is located on the second level.  A directory listing room locations can be found inside the elevator. Service Animals are always welcomed.

Our Welcome/Religious Education Table is in our Parish Hall.  If you enter through the Garden Entrance, the table will be facing you.   Individuals at the table can assist you and answer any questions you may have.  We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.  Please ask someone at the Welcome Table to give you an UAIM suggestion card.

There are several Shortened Pews complete with shortened armrests that allow space for wheelchair users or other folks with mobility devices. These are located in several different areas throughout the Sanctuary.
There are also TWO COMFORTABLE, PADDED CHAIRS in the Sanctuary at the back wall of the sanctuary nearest to the Parish Hall Door.   These chairs are for people who need more comfortable seating.

Sunday Services are in Person at 10:30 and there is also a Simultaneous livestream service on YouTube. Click here to access: Closecaptioning is available.
You can also access our past services at this site.

Large-Print Orders of Service are available upon request from our ushers.
The church has installed a Tele-Coil System in the sanctuary.  This system transmits directly from the sanctuary microphone to the hearing aids of people who have a tele-coil setting.  
The Chancel is not accessible.  A floor mike is always available.

At this time, we regret that the building’s restrooms are not accessible.
Men’s and Women’s Restrooms can be found through the doors to the left of the Welcome Table.   Women’s restroom is to the right and Men’s restroom is to the left. Both restrooms have accessible stalls, but may be challenging for people who use wheelchairs or scooters due to limited space.   All restroom doors are heavy, so do not hesitate to ask for assistance.
Fully accessible bathrooms are on the Priority List for our Capital Improvements.

At all church activities, we strive to label all food ingredients when sharing food.  We all strive to have alternative dishes for vegetarian & vegans  

Universal Access & Inclusion (UAIM)
UAIM was selected as one of only eight churches in the United States to pilot the Accessibility & Inclusion Ministry Team (AIM) Program, a partnership of the Unitarian Universalist Association (UUA). UAIM of Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo has been certified twice by the Unitarian Universalist Association.  Our recent certification was this spring (2021).  Each certification is for three years.  Through our partnership in the AIM Program, our congregation is working to become more inclusive and welcoming to people with disabilities. We invite you to join the Universal Accessibility and Inclusion Team at UUCB.  Please contact UAIM at To become involved in our many inclusion, social justice, and accessibility projects.  We welcome your comments, questions, and suggestions.  

A member of our team is a member of ARISE (Acceptance, Respect, Inclusion,  Support & Equity) which is a self-advocacy group that meets at our church the second Wednesday of the month.  ARISE is also connected with VOICE Buffalo.
AA & NA groups met weekly at our church before the pandemic.

Religious Education:
We strive to welcome all children and youth into our Religious Education (RE) Program.  Jess Pond, our Religious Education Director, would be happy to talk to you about our RE Program and your child.  Please contact Jess at 885-2136 or During the Sunday Service and some social events, child care is provided for infants, toddlers and preschoolers.

EqUUal Access is an organization for Unitarian Universalists living with disabilities, their families, friends, and allies.  The mission of EqUUal Access is to enable the full engagement of people with disabilities in Unitarian Universalist communities and the broader society.  To learn more, visit

Contact: Ginny Vaughan –

Care Network
You may call us or ask on behalf of another member by emailing

We Care for Each Other
The Pastoral Care Ministry provides connection and support for members of our congregation by staying in touch, acknowledging the joys and concerns of their lives, and providing a loving presence and a helping hand, especially in times of sickness or difficulty. All requests are handled with confidentiality and respect.

“Good For” Lists
We believe that everyone is “Good For” something. When one of our members is down with an illness or other crisis, their congregation needs to offer support.  That is when our members need to know they are not alone.  We have a group of generous volunteers who are willing, ready and able to help members who may find themselves in need. Emergency meals, transportation, household tasks (with covid safe precautions), cards, and phone calls, Please contact Josette Cunningham at

Also, if you can provide any of these services please contact Josette.  Leave your full name, home address,  a phone number and your email address at  Let us show that we are truly a loving community!
Thank you!

Lay Pastoral Ministers
If you, or a church friend, need a little TLC getting through a difficult time of transition, please let one of our lay pastoral care ministers know.  

John Marohn: 716-861-4541;
Karen Jarvis: 405-650-0826;
Lynn Mancuso: 716-691-7084;
Bonnie Collins:  716-867-9628
Barbara Brown: (716) 632-8699;

They each care for several people in the congregation through phone calls and safe visits.  They do not offer therapy, run interference, or manage anyone’s care.  The Lay Pastoral Ministers offer an authentic ministry of caring presence.

If you would like to join our wonderful volunteers as a helper, please contact the office at

Justice Ministry
The name Justice Ministry better reflects our mission and the fact that events on Sunday are only one component of our ministry.  ​Our goal is to raise awareness in the congregation of issues and actions related to becoming a more Just community, rooted in Buffalo.

​We work to identify our Share the Plate recipient for each month, and to identify impactful activities for the congregation to participate in. We might invite you to show up to boost a cause, we might ask you to write a postcard in coordination with our Share the Plate recipient to support their work – either to ask for change or to thank someone for their good work, or we might invite you into community building for the greater good of the community. Please look for activities you can become involved in to make our community a more Just and Loving place for everyone.
– Hy Carrel (Chair), Christine Slocum, Maria Testa, Andrew Tennenbaum, Susan Wishart, Karen Jarvis, Steve Wixson, Susan Milde, Rachel Krajna.

Contact: Maria Testa –

UUCB’s Share the Plate Program
In keeping with our mission to create a more just and compassionate world, the Unitarian Universalist Church of Buffalo shares our weekly collection plate with a local agency, living out our generosity in the Buffalo community.

In the Share-the-Plate program, the church donates half the unrestricted donations made during each Sunday’s offertory to a designated charity or organization under policies formulated by the Board of Trustees.  Recipients of the UUCB Share-the-Plate program must be either a 501(c)3 or 501(c)4 non-profit organization, and they must do work that is consistent with Unitarian Universalist principles. Any member of the congregation may nominate a recipient organization.

If you wish to donate to Share the Plate by check, or with cash in an envelope, please note “Share the Plate” or just “Share” in the memo line or on the envelope. Envelopes are available from the ushers. 

Covenant Groups
Covenant Groups are groups of six to ten people who meet on a regular basis to engage in a structured discussion for deepening relationships and understanding. Covenant Groups are meant to complement Sunday services by presenting a small-group setting in which participants can more openly share their experiences and collectively “hold” those shared experiences in a safe and trusting environment. It is in this personal environment that members learn to: 

  • Share experiences openly and honestly
  • Listen without judgment or interruption
  • Develop relational skills and closer connections to members
  • Expand and/or complement one’s own search for meaning and truth, spiritual development or religious engagement

 Each group develops a covenantal agreement for how they will be with the group and each other. Although groups tailor their own covenants, some general agreements often include to attend regularly and to respect the confidentiality of all discussions in the group Groups meet once or twice a month at the UUCB or individual homes. Topics are generally selected from a list of available topics, and a structured format is followed. If you are interested in being part of a Covenant Group, please e-mail

VOICE Buffalo
Our church is a member organization of VOICE Buffalo.  Founded in 1996 as a 501(c)(3) non-profit, VOICE-Buffalo is an interracial, urban-suburban coalition of 66 faith-based congregations and communities, business and labor organizations of Buffalo and Erie County.

VOICE draws together people of many faith traditions, denominations and income levels to act powerfully on local, regional, state adn national issues of justice and equality through community-building negotiation with decision makers, and direct action.

​VOICE Supports its members through congregational and leadership development, in addition to engagement in direct action within their own neighborhoods.  In cooperation with a wide range of other groups in the region, VOICE brings the pwer of our shared faith-values into the public arena in order to shape the decisions that affect the quality of life throughout Erie County.

Our hope for the future lies not in faith in our elected representatives, but in the grassroots holding our decision-makers truly accountable.  As people of faith, we must participate in a form of democracy in which every voice is heard as we work together to set a moral compass.  VOICE is the local organization which is trying to harness the power of community organizing and reclaim a true democracy.

Women’s Society
Founded 150 years ago to promote fellowship and cooperation among our members and to sustain interest in Unitarian Universalist ideals, the Society remains a vital, active force in the contemporary life of the church.  Membership in the Society is open to all and is gender neutral. Dues are $20 per year, but membership is not necessary to participate in our activities and programs. 

Our Speaker/Luncheon Series programs are diverse, stimulating and interesting, ranging from musical entertainment to lectures from well-known local authors and academics, to presentations on area issues and civic concerns.  Presenters are knowledgeable, personable, and enjoyable.  Additionally, the Society organizes two outings each year: The Shaw Festival at Niagara-on-the-Lake in Ontario, Canada and one other to a local site of interest to our membership. See announcements of upcoming events in the E-Blast (weekly newsletter), the Monthly Newsletter and the Order of Service insert.

The Women’s Society has made donations to the following charities:
Haven House ​International, Planned Parenthood, Cornerstone Manor, Gay and Lesbian Youth Services, WNY Women’s Foundation, Islamic Society of Niagara Frontier, ​Jericho Road Community Health Center, International Institute of Buffalo, Peaceprints(TM) of WNY, WNY Food Bank, Lion’s Club, VOICE Buffalo, WNY Peace Center, Food Not Bombs

Women’s Society Officers and Committee Chairs
President – Lucy Sloan –
Secretary – Linda Cohen
Treasurer – Kathy Ryan
Committee Chairs
Membership – Paulette Notaro
Luncheon Coordinator – Sandy Van Every
Hospitality is Tim Ashton.
Publicity is Bonnie Botsford.
A Memorial Service Reception may be available in our Parish Hall to UUCB members for a nominal fee.  Contact Nancy Wilkins: ​