Simply put, the pledge card helps us make a budget. Even if you give to the church every month with an automatic withdrawal, or write a check and mail it in, or click a donation through PayPal, unless you have that written on a pledge card, we can not plan for our future. We need to know, through the writing of a pledge card, what you plan to donate to YOUR church in the next year!*

Pledge cards:  Can be mailed to you upon request.

E-mail the office at with your pledge amount.

Call the Church office at 716-885-2136 and give the office your pledge amount over the phone.

Also, no matter which payment option you choose (cash, check, online bank draw, credit card, bank checks, etc.), we still need to know your total pledge amount in advance so we can match your payments with your pledge. Help us keep on track, and keep the church running smoothly!

We are grateful for your support, so please don’t skip this important step in the process to help keep us on track!

*We know circumstances can change, so if you need to change your pledge amount at any time, please contact the office.


See below for the many payment options you can use to fit your budget and style!

You Can Pay by Cash/Check:
– You can mail a check to the church office 695 Elmwood Ave., Buffalo, NY 14222 (make sure you note on the memo line it is in payment of your pledge).
– You can place a check in the Sunday morning worship offering plate (make sure you note on the memo line it is in payment of your pledge).
– You can put cash in an envelope in the offering plate (make sure you write your name on the envelope and indicate it is in payment of your pledge).

You Can Pay by Automatic Bank Payments:
Many banks let you pay your bills with an online payment system. You can set-up automatic payments to the Church (like once a month) and specify the length of time (like for 12 months). This is one of the best ways to pay your pledge, since you save the Church the credit card processing fee and it won’t cost you anything either.

You can pay online via VANCO’s website. Easy instructions to sign-up, or use your login if you already have an account with them.

The UUCB Office sends quarterly statements letting you know how much money has been applied to your pledge.  This is why you need to write on your check that the money is for your pledge.  If you are paying by cash in an envelope, you must put your name and that it is a pledge payment on the envelope.  Otherwise, the office won’t know.

Our Church’s salary and expense obligations fall throughout the year, therefore, one-time payments should be made as close to the beginning of the Church’s fiscal year as possible.